#sre (2021-08)

Prometheus, Prometheus Operator, Grafana, Kubernetes

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Curious if anyone’s using New Relic for monitoring/logging/alerting? Thoughts about it?

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I’ve used it in the last.

Monitoring in terms of APM its great if they instrumented well for your stack. I used c#/.net and has insights on day one that we’re actionable.

Logging - never tried this. Giving their pricing I imagine it’s expensive

Alerting - using synthetic checks is great. I thought it was pricey and just recommend pingdom if you can get away with it.

They also have new relic infra and that product with its built int alerting has definitely saved me. I’ve used the process monitoring to identify stability problems.

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If you end up using their logging please share. I’ve typically used loggly

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Loggly or another elastic type solution *

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Thanks for your input! We’re planning to go forward with new relic, here’s hoping it goes well.

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I’ve used their logging and worked OK. The whole UI is a bit heavy, specially if you need several tabs open.

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please how did you guys deal with uploading and offloading child accounts. I had like over 50 accounts to create on newrelic and i had to manually add this accounts on the UI another downside i faced with newrelic was that when i needed to delete an account i will need to send a mail to my newrelic account officer to remove the accounts on their end because even when deleted it on my account it was some how cached