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Rolf M. Harksen

Hi everyone,

Any one who can explain to me why nlb’s healthcheck protocol is set to TCP with out the possibility to change through a variable?

As far as i can see in the aws docs, it is possible to use HTTP health checks in nlb and i thought about creating a pull request to make this possible. But before i start testing, i thought to ask here if anyone here knows more about it?

Have a nice day in any case!


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Mads Hvelplund

are you talking about the target group health check?

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Mads Hvelplund

@Rolf M. Harksen From Terraform docs: https://www.terraform.io/docs/providers/aws/r/lb_target_group.html

Note: The Health Check parameters you can set vary by the protocol of the Target Group. Many parameters cannot be set to custom values for network load balancers at this time. But from AWS NLB: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/latest/network/target-group-health-checks.html

HealthCheckProtocol: The protocol the load balancer uses when performing health checks on targets. The possible protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP. The default is the TCP protocol. Have you tried setting the health_check.protocolto HTTP?

AWS: aws_lb_target_group - Terraform by HashiCorp

Provides a Target Group resource for use with Load Balancers.

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