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We’re adopting GitOps with Argo CD and I’m seeking insights on image promotion strategies. Currently, our pipeline builds and pushes images to ECR with a version tag on merging to main. A subsequent job updates deployments with these tags. For release candidates, we pull the image from the dev ECR, push it to the stage ECR, and update the stage deployment—same for production, but with a release tag.

I’m considering simplifying this by having a single image build/push to a CI/CD ECR account, from which each environment would fetch the image upon tag creation. Is this unwise - help me see what I might not be considering?

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Kostis (Codefresh)

Your existing setup sounds good to me. What are the issues you have? Do you see any limitations right now?

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We don’t exactly have issues, just were thinking of simplifying further esp. since we’re thinking of creating a control plane for argo in the ci/cd account that will then deploy out to the clusters in dev/stage/prod.

But then again, we do worry about that idea and having the single point of failure