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Rick Stokkingreef

Hi, i’m facing some issues with terragrunt scaffold command any idea what it could be? Running out of ideas

tg scaffold github.com/hotjar/terraform-aws-eks.git -var=SourceUrlType=git-ssh
INFO[0001] Scaffolding a new Terragrunt module git::<ssh://[email protected]/hotjar/terraform-aws-eks.git?ref=0.20.2> to /home/rick/github/hotjar/platform_aws-organization/eu-west-1/production/eks 
ERRO[0001] error downloading '<ssh://[email protected]/hotjar/terraform-aws-eks.git?ref=0.20.2>': /bin/git exited with 128: fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git 
ERRO[0001] Unable to determine underlying exit code, so Terragrunt will exit with error code 1 
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Dominique Dumont

The github URL you’re using is not found. Check this URL or your github credentials. HTH

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Rick Stokkingreef

Found the issue, this works:

tg scaffold 'github.com/hotjar/terraform-aws-eks.git//.' -var=SourceUrlType=git-ssh

For some reason scaffoled expect it to be in a subfolder/


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03:06:24 PM


Hello! I’m working in your api gw module. I wanted to know how i’m supposed to get custom access logs working?

I have the following variables related to logging, but as the screenshot shows, custom access logging is not turned on.

  xray_tracing_enabled = true #X-Ray tracing
  metrics_enabled = true #Detailed metrics
  logging_level = "INFO"
  #log_group_arn = "arn:aws:logs:us-east-1:829505554415:log-group:blue-parakeet"
  access_log_format = <redacted for simplicity>

i’ve already run the account-settings module once per region


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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

Hi all, We are running Terragrunt OSS and were planning to update both terraform and terragrunt to a latest verson at some point. Back in August, Terragrunt released a statement where it said that ‘commercial products’ would not be supported beyond 1.5.5 : https://blog.gruntwork.io/the-impact-of-the-hashicorp-license-change-on-gruntwork-customers-5fcd096ba86a At that point I thought, fine, that does not affect us because we were not using ‘commercial producuts’. Now we are finally ready to update both Terragrunt and Terraform but when looking at ‘supported versions’ page it looks like only OpenTofu is supported with Terraform 1.6.x : https://terragrunt.gruntwork.io/docs/getting-started/supported-versions/

This is confusing to me. Does it meanTerraform 1.6.x is not supported yet” ? Or does it mean “Terraform 1.6.x will not be supported, even for OSS Terragrunt “?


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Hi, terragrunt noob here. Question, I am learning somebody else’s code base and for a lot of AWS IAM stuff they are just doing inline here doc’s for the IAM policies and I am trying to fidn a better way to do this. Personally I would go with the data source aws_iam_policy_document, but I can not use this at the terragrunt module level?

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

How do you mean? Are the inline heredocs in the HashiCorp HCL or Terragrunt HCL?

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I have a TF module that reads iam policies in json. I have the path configurable so, in TG, I set the path to consume policies in the terragrunt.hcl dir

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

Gotcha, so in this case, I’d think you’d modify the actual terraform HCL to read the policies from a file, decode from JSON, then pass it to a aws_iam_policy_document to validate it, then provision the policy document the as normal. All that belongs in the module itself.

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yeah, interesting