#helm (2022-07)

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Hello - Any one using kube-prometheus-stack with AWS managed Prometheus ? Im looking for help on this issue https://github.com/prometheus-community/helm-charts/issues/2220


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Hey guys Does anyone knows how can i export all possible values to a values.yaml file from an existing chart i have locally on my machine?

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Eric Berg

If you haven’t found it yet, try helm show values my-chart/



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Hello everyone! I have been following the CloudPosse tutorial for building the Terraform configuration of EKS and I am not being able to download any of the charts that I need to use. I am looking for making use of the external-dns one, but it throws me an error saying that it can’t find it.

I have tried the bitnami chart, the kubernetes sigstore one and now trying to move forward with the aws-load-balancer controller I can’t seem to use that chart either. I was wondering if anyone else encountered this issue? My modules look similar to this one:

module "helm_release" {
  source  = "cloudposse/helm-release/aws"
  # Cloud Posse recommends pinning every module to a specific version
  # version = "x.x.x"
  eks_cluster_oidc_issuer_url = module.eks_cluster.eks_cluster_identity_oidc_issuer
  name          = "external-dns"
  repository    = "<https://kubernetes-sigs.github.io/external-dns/>"
  chart         = "external-dns"

  create_namespace     = true
  kubernetes_namespace = "echo"

  atomic          = true
  cleanup_on_fail = true
  timeout         = 300
  wait            = true

  # Enable the IAM role
  iam_role_enabled = true

  # Add the IAM role using set()
  service_account_role_arn_annotation_enabled = true


Apologies in advance if the syntax of the module is not the best, I am learning how to use Terraform.