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I am hiring a DevOps Engineer at The Black Tux! You’re a great fit if you have some seasoning (maybe 2+ years) in a devops/platform/infra/SRE engineering role, you know what the available best practices are for infrastructure as code, CI/CD, and keeping secrets and configuration out of code. You might even have been leaning into GitOps and want to put it into practice. In general, you’ve picked up the tools of the trade and would flourish in a role where you get to design, build and implement all day. Of course, you also enjoy working alongside a team of developers who lean on you for support when they can’t remember the right kubectl command.

The role is remote-friendly, but ideally co-located in Los Angeles once it’s completely safe to re-open offices (we don’t even have an office right now). Please feel free to reach out to me here or at [email protected] if you’d like to hear more!

The Black Tux - DevOps Engineer

The Black Tux is reinventing the formalwear rental industry so people can show up at their best on the days that matter most. The company designs and manufactures modern rental suits and tuxedos that actually fit—made of 100% wool, ordered online, and delivered for free. Using a combination of machine learning, tailor-trained fit specialists, and industry-leading customer service, The Black Tux guarantees a perfect fit every time. Just as we are on the modern edge of men’s fashion, we also strive to stay on the modern edge of technology. Are you passionate about learning modern technologies? Do you aspire to work as part of a diverse team? Are you willing to mentor and be mentored? If so, we would love to hear from you! We need engineers who can lead projects to design and build software services to support our growing rental business and expansion into the retail market.



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Marc Woodford

Observability Engineer - Hopin Inc - Fully Remote (Apply here)

Following a very successful year of growth, Hopin is now hiring two Observability Engineers to join the Infrastructure team. With a focus on creating a window into our systems’ health, we’re looking for someone who knows their way around monitoring, alerting, and tracing. If you’ve worked with commercial cloud platforms, know your way around coding and things like Grafana, Elasticsearch and Prometheus aren’t just Greek deities to you, we want to hear from you!


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Remote (anywhere)


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Andy Miguel (Cloud Posse)

As mentioned in Office Hours, Cloud Posse is hiring! We’re looking for remote US based Senior DevOps Engineers to bring on as subcontractors. If you or anyone you know is interested, check out https://cloudposse.com/jobs/ and scroll to the bottom to the Open Positions section and apply. Feel free to DM me directly if you have any questions.

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Evangelos Karvounis

Does Cloudposse hire remote non-US based employees or is it a company policy?

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

We work with non-US based subcontractors, however, we don’t have any openings at this time



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James D. Bohrman

Hey SweetOps!

So I am looking for two things. First off, I am seeking a contractor with cloud experience to assist in the development of an advanced cloud-native course curriculum. This would be a remote contract and would probably start off with a discovery call to explore the direction we want to go. I’m looking to build a course that covers cloud-native content such as:

• Security

• Continuous Delivery

• GitOps

• Infrastructure as Code

• Secrets Management

Second, I am seeking a graphic artist to assist with the creation of 2D animation and Powerpoint assets for the course content on a part time basis.

Shoot me a DM for more details!



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Christopher Butler

Greetings -

MIT Libraries is looking for two full-time Cloud Engineers (entry level and senior level) to fill out our Infrastructure Engineering Team that I manage - both are available to fully remote employees with no future requirement to relocate to the Boston, MA area. We recently finished the first phase of our migration from on-prem to cloud (AWS) and now we are working on phase two. On the short term roadmap are new monitoring, observability, and alerting configurations;  a rebuild of our IAM configuration; and the build out of a new CI/CD pipeline for all of our infrastructure. We are looking for Terraform and Ansible experience coupled with strong networking and database management skills. Details can be found at the link job posting below. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer  Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

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Thanks for posting mate. Trying for the entry level :)

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09:21:19 PM

A project I was consulting on is hiring a Sr DevOps Engineer.

apply directly by emailing [email protected]

A copy of this job post is at https://gist.github.com/keen99/130937d7ec85dd1f6b272ac5012e7a31

Contractors are also possible, but keep in mind this is a full time role and there would be an expectation to become FTE eventually.

Tech Stack

  • AWS services: Cognito, EC2, ES, RDS Postgres, Codecommit, ECR, R53, KMS, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, S3
  • Databases: Cassandra, Blazegraph, RDS Postgres, S3, Elasticsearch and ELK full stack
  • Docker, Kubernetes (not EKS), kops, Helm, Grafana, Prometheus
  • Iguana HL7 Integration Engine, Gitlab self-hosted CE, Ansible, Make, Python, Luigi, Kafka, Jenkins
  • Java, gradle, maven, nexus, artifactory