#kubecost (2019-04)


Kubernetes resource and cost management

Archive: https://archive.sweetops.com/kubecost/


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Maxim Mironenko (Cloud Posse)

Hey guys, @webb, @Ajay Tripathy! We’ve managed to upgrade node-exporter to v0.17.0. Also made kubecost working with our prometheus and grafana. We still missing one panel (top left) on homepage of kubecost. May I ask you to take a look into it? We’ve closed ingress with basic http auth, so I will share credentials in private chat.

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@Maxim Mironenko (Cloud Posse) we’re happy to take a look!! Shoot me credentials when you can!

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Hey guys, we investigated this issue and it looks like Prometheus (prometheus-kube-prometheus-0 : monitoring) is being throttled for some reason. This is causing kubecost queries to return slowly and occasionally timeout. We’ve tested on 50+ nodes recently so this behavior is unexpected. Several observations on our end: 1) prometheus is being cpu throttled and 2) mem usage is 3x mem request. Any ideas on your end? We can keep investigating but wanted to check in first. @Maxim Mironenko (Cloud Posse) @Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)