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Mocanu Marian

Hello everyone!! wave I am looking at how other teams are organized to find ideas for our Ops team on how to work more efficiently. Like are you using Kanban or Sprints? Meeting, how many a week and how long (15 min max?), what type? ( grooming, retro, etc) What would the grooming session be like for you?

For things like this, I would like to know what worked best for you and your team and what didn’t.

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Soren Jensen

We schedule our tasks in Linear with 3 week cycles. We found 2 weeks often were too short for ops tasks. A cycle starts with going through triage and backlog tickets and agreeing on what is important for the starting cycle. Approximately every 3 cycles we do a retro, often we schedule them to fit in with a company meeting where we meet up in person. Every thing else is done fully remote. Our team is split between multiple countries in Europe.

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I’m about to try this out with my team: https://newrelic.com/blog/best-practices/kanban-for-ops-teams. We use Kanban but there wasn’t a clear structure to it.

Kanban for Ops Teamsattachment image

A look at how the New Relic Ops team manages their workflow with Kanban to balance interruptive and planned work.