#azure (2021-02)


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09:12:37 AM

I just made working ArgoCD RBAC with Azure Active Directory Groups and ArgoCD application registration in Azure has been made with terraform. I have used the ArgoCD documentation “Azure AD App Registration Auth using OIDC” https://argoproj.github.io/argo-cd/operator-manual/user-management/microsoft/#azure-ad-app-registration-auth-using-oidc


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06:27:44 AM

Anybody here use the AKS Policy Initiative “[Preview]: Kubernetes cluster pod security restricted standards for Linux-based workloads”? It seems that there’s no way in that initiative to pass a parameter to the policy “Kubernetes cluster containers should only use allowed seccomp profiles”, meaning that the default (empty) list is used, so no matter what profile is assigned to a pod, it shows up as a policy deviation. Am I missing something, or is Microsoft expecting us to just create our own copy of the initiative with all the parameters supplied?


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Hello, I have to deploy an ACI container instance in Azure on a private network . Deployment is ok , but my point is to add a dns record to it ? how ip address has to be retrieve and declared in the dns ? Also to avoid using az cli with many params I am looking for yaml example which specify private subnet

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record can be done with azure private dns with auto registration. still if you have aci yaml example to share I’ll be interested.