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If you are passionate about working on 100% open-source software and eager to contribute to a cutting-edge DevOps Platform as a Service, we encourage you to read on.

We are a small team building a platform for teams who need the scale of Kubernetes and features like security, networking, logging, alerting, and monitoring but want the simplicity of an out-of-the-box, managed solution.

GitOps is a first-class citizen in our platform and we strive to offer a platform that manages infrastructure and deployments as part of existing developer workflows instead of requiring teams to learn new tools.

We are currently seeking a talented generalist for a contract position open to both part-time and full-time applicants.

The role would have the opportunity to contribute to our platform in the following areas:

• Developer Experience

• Cluster scaling

• Custom CRDs

• Cloud-Agnostic platform deployment Ideal candidates will have experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Kubernetes
  • Internal Developer Platforms / DevX
  • Cloud Networking (e.g., VPC Peering, NAT Gateways, L4/L7 load balancers)
  • Kubernetes Networking (e.g., Calico/Flannel/Cilium)
  • Helm
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Loki
  • Alertmanager
  • ArgoCD
  • FluxCD
  • HashiCorp Vault
  • Metacontroller
  • Kubernetes Controllers
  • KEDA
  • Cluster Autoscaler
  • KubeADM
  • Rancher RKE
  • Cloud Kubernetes EKS/AKS/GKE/LKE
  • Terraform
  • Technical Documentation Writing

To Apply please visit: https://careers.glueops.dev/

Hiring Process:

  1. Application Review: Submit your application using the link above. Within 10 business days, we will review your submission and either invite you to Round #1 or inform you that we are not proceeding further.
  2. Round #1 (Initial Interview): A 20-30 minute call to discuss your experience and assess cultural fit. This conversation will not exceed one hour.
  3. Round #2 (Take-Home Test): We will provide a real-world test related to our open-source stack on Google Cloud, with a suggested budget of 5 hours. We value your time and will compensate you accordingly. Further details will be shared via email after Round #1.
  4. Round #3 (Test Review): Walk us through your take-home test results and discuss your experience. This final interview is capped at one hour.
  5. Offer Process: Within 10 business days of completing Rounds #1-#3, we will either extend an offer or inform you that we are not moving forward.

Join our team and contribute to the future of DevOps solutions. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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Hao Wang

wow I used 80% of the list lol

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Hao Wang

Thanks for the list, going to take a look at other 20%

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Awesome! We pieced together that list based on current tech we use and future tech we are exploring. I would love to chat if you are open to contract work. You can submit your info here: https://careers.glueops.dev/

Or shoot me your LinkedIn via DM and I can reach out to get a call scheduled.

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Hao Wang

sure, let me share my resume, I’m too lazy to update it and I feel it cannot reflect my love to find the root cause of issues.

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Erik Osterman (Cloud Posse)

Nice stack!

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Andrey Taranik

metacontroller instead of kubebuilder ? looks interesting for writing simple controllers. Thanks for new name on the devops tech stack (new for me, of course)

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RE metacontroller we have a small use case for it right now and it’s been working well for us.

Another tool I forgot to mention is pomerium. https://www.pomerium.com/ We use the FOSS pomerium to secure our ArgoCD deployment. We plan to write a quick tutorial/blog post about it sooner than later. Alternatively you could keep your ArgoCD behind a vpn, zero trust solution, or another OAuth2 proxy but we found pomerium to be super easy to deploy/manage so far.

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Pomerium is a context-aware gateway for managing access control to your internal services and infrastructure hosted in any environment.



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Passionate about sharing your knowledge in DevOps? Interested in innovation and modern approaches to education?

Then we should probably speak!

I am Andrea Appignani, co-founder of RockStack, looking to partner with a DevOps Lead Trainer as a Co-Founder to keep building together a new venture focused on delivering hands-on online education in DevOps.

The partner should have a solid experience as a DevOps Engineer as well as experience as a trainer, teacher or video creator of educational content.

100% remote in Europe or on-site in Berlin Equities and unlimited potential of earnings Job description and additional info available here

Feel free to message me or get in touch through LinkedIn.

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Looking to launch a successful career in DevOps? Start succeeding with RockStack’s bootcamps today! Courses for beginners and tech specialists.

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Check out this Presentation designed by Andrea Appignani.