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If I’m part of an organization…. rather than setting the email address of the commit to my work email, what is the negative of just using my standard [users.noreply.com](http://users.noreply.com) github email associated to my user. Since the commits are all private in the org, I’m wondering why I bother setting it to my work email in the commit history in the first place. Any reason to do this?

Note, I just figured out mailmap, which I found interested. It got me to thinking that it’s all mixed up mostly with folks anyway, so why not just use the exact same one regardless of org or not?

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i use @users.noreply.github.com at work and there are no issues

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got you. i’ve set a separate one per profile in each repo, but now just thinking why do I bother

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Jonathan Marcus

Don’t use [noreply.com](http://noreply.com). See Brian Krebsstories of why you shouldn’t use emails like that. He just wrote about this yesterday actually. But someone owns [donotreply.com](http://donotreply.com) and they happen to be friendly but you can’t count on that.

The Joys of Owning an ‘OG’ Email Account

When you own a short email address at a popular email provider, you are bound to get gobs of spam, and more than a few alerts about random people trying to seize control over the account. If your account name is short and desirable enough, this kind of activity can make the account less reliable…

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Sorry that’s not what we are talking about

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This is a subdomain for github, to protect email privacy being mapped directly in the commit history

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Jonathan Marcus

Gotcha. Yeah I saw the [users.noreply.github.com](http://users.noreply.github.com) and saw that was okay; I saw the bare [users.noreply.com](http://users.noreply.com) and was worried for you


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Majan Paul
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jason einon

great resource for pattern cards if going through digital transformations: https://www.cnpatterns.org/patterns-library

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Nice ressource! Thx


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Pretty interesting: https://www.socialcooling.com

Social Cooling - big data's unintended side effectattachment image

Thousands of hidden scores influence your chance to get a job, a loan, insurance or even a date. Social Cooling describes how this increases pressure to conform, and asks how this will change society.

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Joe Niland
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