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Roderik van der Veer

I’m creating a new vacancy description, and i’m wondering what the difference between DevOps and SRE is?

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Yonatan Koren

Frankly both are terms orgs like to throw around arbitrarily, so differentiating them might be difficult. I remember this one video from Google describing it, but tbh it never really stuck with me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB_6mrVy2RA

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Ex-googler available with Devops experience:

<https://twitter.com/WhyHiAnnabelle/status/1228108429505351680?s=19 https://twitter.com/WhyHiAnnabelle/status/1228108429505351680?s=19>

This morning I learned that my role at Google has been eliminated. If you’ve got an opening for someone who’s in Kubernetes and containers security, focuses on content, advocacy, and communication, and has an OSS background, holler!


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We’re hiring at The Black Tux in Santa Monica. CA! https://jobs.lever.co/theblacktux/7a92d7ef-80b7-425b-9af1-a755fb5c1ef9 This role is mostly kubernetes jenkins_ci grafana aws datadog to support dev teams but also includes on-premise servers in our distribution centers that support our operational functions. Partial remote is possible if West Los Angeles makes for a rough commute (like me, coming in from east of Pasadena). Check out our Culture Book to see what makes us tick: https://culture.theblacktux.com/

The Black Tux - DevOps Engineer

The Black Tux is reinventing the formalwear rental industry so guys can show up at their best on the days that matter most. The company designs and manufactures modern rental suits and tuxedos that actually fit—made of 100% wool, ordered online, and delivered for free. Using a combination of machine learning, tailor-trained fit specialists, and industry-leading customer service, The Black Tux guarantees a perfect fit every time. Just as we are on the cutting-edge of men’s fashion, we also strive to stay on the cutting-edge of technology. Are you passionate about learning new technologies? Do you aspire to work as part of a diverse team? Are you willing to mentor and be mentored? If so, we would love to hear from you! We have grown beyond our initial platform and need great engineers to help us build the next level platform to support our growing business. We need engineers who can lead projects to design and build software services to support our growing rental business and expansion


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Jake Schneider

I’m looking for a DevOps Engineer that is comfortable in a full-stack development environment. This role is in West Los Angeles but is offering a couple of days a week remote. Feel free to reach out to me either on here or at [email protected]> <https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1720525654/?alternateChannel=search

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Job Board
02:32:32 AM

Scalyr Site Reliability Engineer In-house position based in San Mateo, CA is available. Check it out!

Scalyr Site Reliability Engineer - SweetOps attachment image

A bit about Scalyr Scalyr’s mission is to provide a different approach to unified observability and log management that is built for …



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Lakshmi Kannan

We’re hiring a SRE to join us at Scalyr! https://www.scalyr.com/careers/site-reliability-engineer/. Happy to answer any questions! Great to be part of this community as well!

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At Scalyr, our mission is to build the the best tools for operational visibility. On this mission, we are building a different kind of product and company. Learn more about careers at Scalyr, including “Site Reliability Engineer”.