#jobs (2020-05)

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I everyone. I am working on the architecture of my own company (I’m at the same time CTO + Devops) and I’m looking for a “mentor” to review the decisions I made and/or to give advices on a large infrastructure. We’re talking here about audio-analysis on big data (150M audio files; ~200 tags per audio to store…) processes optimization.. everything on AWS. I’m not looking for somebody who would actually work on it, just to advise, more as a consultant for a few hours. French speaker are welcome (sometimes, more easy^^). Don’t hesitate to reach me out… thank you

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Note that we already have our current architecture that works, we’re moving on to a v2.0 of this architecture… (keywords here are: AWS multi-account; k8s; Elasticsearch; Mongodb; RDS; EMR; InfluxDB; SQS; Lambda; S3; VPN; Terraform; Terragrunt; CI/CD; Machine Learning;…)

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Matt Gowie

@frednotet I’d check out and post on https://www.codementor.io/ — I used to mentor through them for a bit and I think it would provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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@Matt Gowie Hey Matt, thanks… I didn’t know this website… I’m gonna have a look to it…



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Hi everyone, I’m looking to migrate from Developer/SysAdmin role to DevOps/SRE remote role in the US, with a preference on Python/Go/Ansible